Insight Coffee Roasters networking event for veterans


Veterans Job Resources presents: Insight Coffee Roasters networking event for veterans.

Sacramento, CA – On Saturday, September 23, 2017, between 10 AM and 12 noon, Veterans Job Resources will be networking with veterans at Insight Coffee Roasters on 16th Street. 

Chris Angle, founder of Veterans Job Resources says “thanks to Insight Coffee Roasters, we’ll set up a table and be networking with veterans and connecting with our overall community.” She continues with “we also hope the community will find it in their hearts to donate to our nonprofit because everyone benefits when veterans have jobs.”

If you’re a veteran who needs help finding a job in the civilian workforce, come meet the Veterans Job Resources team in the relaxed setting of Insight Coffee Roasters, across from Fremont Park in beautiful downtown Sacramento.

“We all love coffee and hope to raise awareness about our organization and what we can do for veterans, free of charge” explains Chris. “Come on down, let me know you need a job, and have a coffee on Insight. I love talking with fellow veterans and want them to know that I’m here to help them start or advance their career in the civilian sector.”

Insight Coffee Roasters will be offering the first 25 veterans who exchange contact information with Veterans Job Resources a token for a free regular coffee.

Insight Coffee Roasters is located at 1615 16th street, Sacramento, between P and Q streets. The event runs from 10 AM to noon.

About Veterans Job Resources

Veterans Job Resources by PreciseAngle is an accredited 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that provides career advancement services and job placement to veterans.

About Insight Coffee Roasters

Insight Coffee Roasters was established in Sacramento, California in 2011 around a common love – coffee.

Dutch Bros. Coffee Helps Roseville Nonprofit Gross Over $2k at Charity Event


Veterans Job Resources uses coffee from Dutch Bros. Coffee in fundraising event, adding $2,074 to their most successful fundraising event ever.

Roseville, CA – September 16, 2017

The Dutch Mafia came out in force, with over 500 customers going through the coffee shop to support a fundraising event for veterans, donating generously for much-needed career services for our nation’s heroes.

Chris Angle, founder of Veterans Job Resources, said “we take great pride in reaching out and participating within the community, and we are so thankful for the support and participation of Dutch Bros. Coffee.” Humbled by the experience, she added “Mattie Place and her team went out of their way to advertise and set up the event. I couldn’t be more thankful for what they’ve done.”

Mattie Place, owner of the Roseville franchise, was on record for saying “it is an honor for Dutch Bros to be apart of this [event] in helping veterans.” She goes on to say “our customers were raving on social media about the event and how exciting it was to be able to support veterans.”

With the help of our supporters and the Dutch Bros. Coffee team, Veterans Job Resources was able to completely fund an upcoming veteran resume workshop” Chris explains. “That’s good news for veterans needing jobs and good news for employers seeking qualified candidates.”

About Veterans Job Resources

Veterans Job Resources by PreciseAngle is an accredited 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that provides career advancement services and job placement to veterans. For more information, visit

About Dutch Bros. Coffee

Dutch Bros Coffee was founded in 1992 by Dane and Travis Boersma: brothers of Dutch descent. Today, Dutch Bros Coffee is the country’s largest, privately held drive-thru coffee company, with over 260 locations in seven states and over 5,000 employees.

The company donates over $2 million a year to its local communities and nonprofit organizations, including the Muscular Dystrophy Association, in honor of Dane, who passed away in 2009 after a four-year battle with Lou Gehrig’s disease. For more information, visit


Why won’t anyone hire a veteran?

It seems a simple concept. In the legal world, it’s called quid pro quo (“this for that”). You fight for our freedom and in return, you should be the strongest candidate for civilian jobs. But why aren’t you getting calls or interviews?

In my discussions with hiring managers, human resource leaders, and even reading articles across the Web, it’s abundantly clear that veterans face tremendous hurdles when looking for a job in the civilian world. Instead of dwelling on the difficulties of the process, here are some things you should know when transforming from the military to civilian workforce.

First and foremost, you are not alone. While it would be easier to simply blame corporations for being so narrow-minded, the reality is, you are a stranger to the hiring manager. We are taught very early not to trust strangers, and hiring managers are no exception. Break down that barrier by giving potential employers something to relate to. One method is to develop a personal brand, which will show your professional values. Employers that share your values are more likely to be interested in knowing more about you. Employers who don’t share your values are those you want to repel. This is a win-win situation.

Hard skills, those that are learned, will be your biggest hurdle. If you are going to apply to jobs through a job board or corporate website, your resume will be submitted to an applicant tracking system (ATS), what I call “the robots.” Hiring managers program the robots to screen out anyone who doesn’t have their desired skill set. Even though you may be an expert on the technology to take out the enemy with a push of a button, an employer might be more interested in your knowledge of JIRA. Find a career professional who specializes in translating military skills to civilian skills. 

When you make it past the robots, you’ll be quizzed on soft skills, or behaviors, in telephone or in-person interviews. Will you get along with your potential co-workers? Do you have similar likes or dislikes? Employers will want to know if you can do the job. In short, if the interviewers see themselves in you, you will be one of the top candidates. Keep your responses relatable. Military or civilian, if an interviewer can relate to your behavior, this works to your favor.

While you may have thrown in the towel on more than one occasion, there are plenty of reasons to have hope. First, many corporations have enacted social responsibility programs, which include efforts to hire veterans. You will have a step-up on other candidates from the get go. Second, there is a growing industry based on serving those who served. They offer you free career services, like resume writing, career counseling, and interview preparation. Organizations who offer job placement services for veterans are your best choice. In addition to being your personal advocate, they are able to bypass the dreaded robots!

Ready to find your dream job? Contact Veterans Job Resources for your free career services and job placement today.

Top 7 reasons why you should hire a veteran

We know that veterans have kept us safe through the years, but did you know that their skills and training have also prepared them to be great employees?

Here are the top 7 reasons why you should hire a veteran today:

1 Strong leadership – Veterans know the value of leadership. They are taught early in training the essential qualities and behaviors to become respected leaders delivering success.
2 Honesty and integrity – The armed forces are built on honesty and integrity, and those values are instilled in veterans. You can count on a work ethic like no other.
3 Work well in teams – Veterans know that teamwork demands both individual contribution and collaboration with others to achieve organizational goals.
4 Culturally aware – Veterans work with people from a diverse range of backgrounds and sometimes are placed in parts of the globe we wouldn’t dream of visiting. They know how to work with people different from themselves.
5 Excellent problem solvers – With proven abilities to learn new skills and concepts, veterans know how to overcome obstacles while remaining calm under pressure.
6 Result-oriented – When you need someone to get a project to the finish line, veterans have shown us they can do it. 
7 Technologically savvy – Trained in complex and complicated military technologies, veterans have practical and real-life experiences that translate well to the corporate world.

Why take your chances on the unknown when you can trust a veteran.

Contact us today to hire a veteran.

Who are you?

You might think that this is a funny question. Because, I mean come on, we know who we are, right? Sure of course you do, but do you REALLY know who you are?

Your response might be, Soldier, Father, Mother, Gamer, Hunter, Photographer, Civilian, Human, etc.

Let me start with asking you a few basic questions. If it takes you longer then 5 seconds to think of the answer, then you might not know who you are.

What is the most important thing to you?

What is your strongest belief?

What are your morals?

What do you enjoy doing most?

What are your goals in life?

These five questions are basic questions right? Meaning everyone should have a answer to them?

Yes they are somewhat simple but not simple to answer. Let me explain why.

Being in the military as enlisted or officer we are taught and trained to think and act as we are told. Sometimes in the military it is hard to express our own opinions. But, here is the good news, your opinions have developed, we just have to figure out what they are. They have developed because every time you were told to do something or think a certain way, YOU thought of an answer, which may not have been the same one you actually said. Let’s be real, we don’t always speak what we are actually thinking.

Here is what I want you to think about when you try and find answers to each question listed above.

Question 1. What makes you so happy that you cannot imagine life without it.

Question 2. What do you believe is real more then anything else.

Question 3. What do you base all of your decisions on day in and day out.

Question 4. What do you do when you are sad or mad to make you happy.

Question 5. What do you want to be when you grow up.

Yes, I answered the questions with new questions, but we have to get to the truth of who you are and from there who you want to be and what you want to do.

From Chris – Your success is my goal. Remember, Everyone has a purpose.


Thank you Starbucks!


A message from the founder of Veterans Job Resources – Chris Angle

“I would personally like to say how much I love Starbucks. As a student in college, I worked for Starbucks as a barista and as a manager. It was one of my most memorable jobs and talk about doing something fun, fast pace and you can drink as much coffee as you want. What a great company! During my deployment in Kuwait there was nothing I loved more than receiving care packages that had Starbucks instant coffee packets in them. It was a little piece of home to find a Starbucks in Kuwait City and a Starbucks tent on many of the military camps. However, I do love Starbucks for more than just their product; they model an atmosphere that is much like the military, in teaching their employees how to demonstrate outstanding customer’s service and professionalism. Starbucks is determined to support the military by offering training and long-term careers to service members and their families. I am proud to support Starbucks in their in devour. Thank you Starbucks!”

-Chris Angle

Check out our career services at

We would like to say a special thank you to Starbucks and for their support of military and their families.

Starbucks has hired over 10,000 military members and their families.

They are not stopping here; Starbucks is continuing to hire veterans and they are determined to hire 15,000 more by 2025.

It is an honor to have a company that understands and appreciates military service members and their families for all they do for our great nation.

Near or far service members and their families enjoy and appreciate the services of Starbucks.

Starbucks in Camp Buehring, Kuwait

Starbucks supports troops with providing a little taste of home away from home.

Something as simple as a drink of Starbucks coffee can make a deployment not feel so far from the land our service members serve and protect.

Starbucks promotes a supporting atmosphere to military families through care packages sent to service members.

Even the littlest military family members enjoy Starbucks while their hero serves.

Thank you Starbucks for supporting our military and their families!

Eternal Optimist

This past week an acquaintance referred to me an eternal optimist. At first, I wasn’t quite sure the individual had it right. But, I actually think that I am, because I believe that EVERY situation or problem has a solution and a positive outcome.
Let me ask you a few questions about how you view life.
  • how quickly do you get angry?
  • what do you think of yourself?
  • what do you think about in general?
  • how do you make yourself happy?
As humans we have an instinct of never wanting to fail so when things do not go our way we tend to react.
There are many kinds of reactions that we could have.
Giving up
Getting angry
Becoming sad
When we start to act from one of these categories we then start to think negatively about ourselves.
After we think we have failed we look at the world and see obstacles instead of possibilities.
This type of thinking and reaction to a difficult situation makes us as individuals very unhappy.
But…… it doesn’t have to be that way.
Every situation has a solution
Every challenge leads to a possibility
Every problem can have a positive outcome
What does this all mean?
I want to challenge you to look at the positive when you face negative situations, tell yourself you can and never say “I can’t”, think positively and do what makes you happy. After all you have to live with you all the time.
Nothing is the end of the world. With hard work, dedication and commitment you can and you WILL succeed in your career. The world is full of possibilities and opportunities, don’t give up on pursuing yours.


From Chris (your eternal optimist)

Why hire a vet?

There are many reasons why to hire a veteran. However, I want to discuss one reason in particular.

The action word is complacent.

I have two very active boys. As of late, I have noticed how easy it is for children to become comfortable with their everyday schedule and surroundings in the false safety net that they live in. As a veteran, I felt the urge to share with my children the importance of not just being aware of their surroundings but also having the ability to think outside the box for a solution in tough situations.

What is Complacent?

Some would say that becoming complacent is not always a bad thing. Being complacent can mean that the individual is comfortable in his or her job. However, in the military we are taught something very different regarding complacent.

In addition, being complacent can also mean that one is so focused on their everyday routines and schedules that they forget to think outside the box on new ideas, what is happening around them and what is out of place.

Veterans are not complacent. Military service members are constantly trained to always be aware of what is going on around them, never become accustomed to one routine or solution and notice when something or someone is not right.

How can this benefit an employer?

By hiring a veteran, an employer is employing an individual that will always be looking forward. Businesses that stay stagnant have no growth or development; having employees that are constantly looking for ways to improve and expand current solutions will help the business grow.

Military personal are trained to be aware of what is going on around them when it comes to factors for safety, schedules and personnel. Veterans in the work place can encourage an environment that promotes self-awareness encouraging others to speak up with something is out of place or does not look right.

Employers will not go wrong when hiring veterans. They are trained to be professional and to never quit. What more could an employer want?

Speak Up!

You should not be afraid to speak up in your career positions. Often times the military training can hinder service members from speaking up. In turn service members do not voice valid concerns or ideas because of the fear of reprisal.
Regardless if you work in the military, federal or private sector, if you are trying to improve or speak on a change that will positively impact managers and or employees and not hinder the mission or workflow, then SPEAK UP!
Employees, Soldiers, Volunteers, Managers and Leaders should NEVER receive any kind of discipline, counseling or other reprisal for simply voicing ideas, expressing concerns or proposing changes.
Of course I have a caveat, this communication should ALWAYS be done in professional and respectful way.
Freedom of speech for all is a right!
Respect toward others regardless of rank, position or status is putting dignity and professionalism in the work force.
Lastly, why should individuals speak up at all?


The answer is too easy, it is how we foster change and develop new ideas. Great things happen because individuals speak up. Voicing ideas makes others start thinking about what is being proposed and from there action is taken.
If you have an idea let others know.

De oppresso liber

De oppresso liber – This is a phrase I had never heard of until a few days ago when meeting a medically retired Army Veteran who was Special Forces. The individual is my counter-part in the civilian sector and we began to bounce ideas of each other in the Human Resource world. During our communication I noticed at the end of his signature block, he had the words “De oppresso liber”. Of course, I had to Google it because I wanted to know what it meant. 


De oppresso liber is the United States Army Special Forces motto that means “to free from oppression” or to liberate the oppressed”. 


I asked my colleague what the phrase, that must have meant a lot to him as a Special Forces Soldier, meant to him now working in Human Resources. 


His answer surprised me but it made perfect sense. He stated that at one point this meant saving lives, rescuing Soldiers and Civilians and going above and beyond the call of duty. Now, it means the same thing targeted to the same audience with a different outcome. He stated now I take care of Veterans and Civilians by processing payroll, validating benefits, submitting vacation and retirement packets, enabling promotion packets and developing award programs. We all have heard things like “well it has to get past HR first”. However, HR Professionals that love their job and are motivated to take care of employees are the best for the job. 


Point is, that this Soldier, Veteran and Federal Civilian had a dream and was living it. However, things happen and he found a new dream with the same motivation from before and developed new goals. We can plan our future all day long, we can chase goals, we can reach goals and we will succeed. However, never be afraid to change direction to reach new goals when obstacles are thrown in your path. 


Remember obstacles only make us stronger.