Our unsung heroes – military spouses

When the U.S. Chamber of Commerce released their study of military spouses in the workplace in June of 2017, the results were jaw-dropping. The most significant challenges for military spouses in the workplace are unemployment or underemployment (underemployment would be like a general doing KP duty).

Furthermore, the study indicated that 92% of military spouses are women.

The study goes on to state that the spouse unemployment rate is 16%, which is four times greater than all adult women (4% in May 2017) and three times greater than woman aged 20 to 25.

The study does go into greater detail, including reasons why this problem exists. If you are interested, see the full study here.

The good news is, services offered by Veterans Job Resources are also available for spouses or partners of veterans, regardless of gender. We can help you polish your resume or with job placement. Don’t try to do it alone when you can have a nonprofit fighting on your behalf, free of charge. Contact us today.